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Thrust tapered roller bearing

Thrust tapered roller bearing can form compact bearing configuration in axial direction, this bearing can bear very heavy axial load and it is not very sensitive to the impact load and have good rigidity.


Inner bore diameter ≥ 150mm

Outer bore diameter ≤1500mm

Precision grade: P6,P5,P4

Design character

1. GEMAN thrust tapered roller bearings are logarithmic contact line design between the raceway and the roller, ensure the bearing with best stress distribution and extend the life of bearing.

2.As the rollers of thrust tapered roller bearing are tapered, both the rolling generatrix and the raceway generatrix of the housing washer intersect at a certain point of the central axis in the structure, so the rolling surface can form pure rolling contact and its limit speed can be increased.


1.Metallurgical rolling plant

2.Cone crusher