Shenyang Zhongye Guangyang Bearing Co.,Ltd is located in North of China Shenyang known as “Chinese heavy industry base”,  It produces high quality medium-large size, large size and extra-large size bearings and bearing parts from 100mm inner diameter to 1500mm outer diameter. SYB has a senior technical team, strong technical force and production ability that can give customers perfect solutions and satisfaction.

SYB owns NC turning machines, grinding and super finishing machines for rings, grinding and super finishing machines for rollers, measuring equipments including profile instrument, roundness instrument, length instrument, Brinell hardenss tester, Vickers Microhardness instrument, Rockwell Hardness instrument, German Zeiss Universal microscope and detector, etc, all these equipments make a strong base for SYB manufacturing high precision bearings.

The best materials used by SYB are Northeast Special steel, OVAKO steel, SKF lll, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special steel,etc, then these materials are done heat treatment by AICHILIN furnace. Stable and sustained quality, keep pace with the world bearing industry, Shenyang Zhongye Guangyang Bearing, the strongest note of the times, welcomes you to visit.