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Thrust spherical roller bearing

Thrust spherical roller bearing is similar to spherical roller bearing, the raceway of housing ring is spherical surface which central point is on the center axis, this kind of bearing rollers are spherical type, so this kind of bearings are self-aligning and not very sensitive to the coaxiality and flexure.


Inner bore diameter ≥ 150mm

Outer bore diameter ≤1500mm

Precision grade: P6,P5,P4

Design Character:

1.This kind of bearings are with very good axial load capacity, they can bear an amount of radial load when bearing the axial load, but the radial load value can’t surpass 55% of axial load value.

2.Bearing diameter series 

Self-aligning angle  200 series 1°~1.5°;

300 series 1.5°~2°;

400 series 2°~3°; 

Small angle value applies to larger size bearings, the allowed self-aligning angle will reduce when increasing the load.  

3.Thrust tapered roller bearing can only bear single direction axial load, it can limit single axial displacement of the bearing, so it can be used to locate axial displacement in single direction for the bearing. Compared with thrust cylindrical roller bearing, its loading capacity is higher, relative slipping is shorter, but limit speed is slower.


1.Petroleum machinery

2.Iron and steel machinery

3.Hydroelectric generator

4.Vertical type motor

5.Propeller shaft of the ship  

6.Tower crane